Dual Driver


with a 100-percent attention to detail. On our Dual Driver earphones nothing has been compromised.

These are simply

the best earphones from us, ever. There’s a reason most cheap in-ear headphones sound the way they do: They only use one driver in each ear, which limits the audio range. If you want more life, more spaciousness, and more oomph out of your favorite tracks, upgrade your headphones to Dual Driver. On the Dual Driver each earpiece contains two separate speakers — one to handle the high and mid frequencies, and one to handle the bass. This separation creates a more rich and filled-out sound that makes any kind of music sound better. The Dual Driver is packed with useful accessories like an airplane adaptor, Dual listening adaptor, tangle-free cables, and extra buds to help your life get easier.

With the 3-button microphone

it is possible to use all the functionality of your Apple iPhone®, BlackBerry® HTC® LG® Samsung® Sony® and Nokia®.
The Dual Driver earphones comes with twice as much speakers tech crammed into the same tiny space, for a greater sound.

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