Arm yourself with a massive and precise sound

Targeted to outshine our competitors in every way the goal was to create the best in-ear headphones without microphone in its category.

Just happens we crammed so much technology and sound engineering into these that it is almost ridiculous.

Introducing HOWL A/O. A premium, good looking, triple driver hybrid in-ear monitor with exceptional frequency response and extended headroom perfectly balanced, yet very powerful.

Aimed to deliver a unique statement for each owner, every curve, edge and line deliberate. On the inside each earpiece contains two balanced armature drivers covering mid´s and high´s, and a third driver dynamic covering low´s all to combine to deliver a frequency response that has a vast range resulting in a massive sound experience.

HOWL A/O - Ttuned for Audiophiles, proving sound quality and cool elegance can be combined with a stunning result.


Designed in Stockholm, Sweden each set of HOWL in ear monitors are handmade. For you.
We have over 20 craftsmen & women that makes each earpiece unique.

We also wanted to give an unparalleled listening experience, allowing you to hear the details of your music like never before. We tune each HOWL to perfection using the great range and capacity of a Triple-Driver Hybrid earphone. Combining a 10mm Degauss Dynamic driver with two Balanced Armature drivers does create real magic. We hope you will be taking a front row seat with us sometime soon.

What's in the box?

Tips from Comply™
Extra Ear Tips
Dual Adapter
Airplane Adapter
Carrying pouch
Replacement mesh
3 Button Mic

Try our earphones for 14 Days

At Degauss Labs we believe that in order to have the best possible online shopping experience, you need to have a World Class return policy. If you are not happy with your purchase for whatever reason, don't worry, just return the earphones to us and get your money back.
- No questions asked -

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