14 days return
policy/ warranty

  1. Download RMA-form
  2. Fill in the downloaded RMA-form’s all fields.e-mail or.fax.
  3. Make sure you have attached a receipt for the service product to the RMA-form.
  4. Make sure you have attached a digital photo of the service product to the RMA-form.
  5. Send the RMA-form and the reciept via e-mail to: support@degausslabs.com
  6. After the RMA-form has been recieved and managed by Degauss Labs you will
    be contacted directly for possible return / warranty product.

Note: For acceptance of your return the product must be in a good condition including the original packaging and a copy of the receipt.The return cannot be initiated before approval of the RMA form has been done by a team member of Degauss Labs support.

The buyer pays for any shipping charges related to a return to Degauss Labs in Sweden.

Refunds will be made within 14 days from reception of product and will be transferred to the original buyer’s credit card. Paid shipping or handling fees are non-refundable.


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Degauss Labs

Technical Department

Döbelnsgatan 21- 11th floor

111 40 Stockholm


Important information
Degauss Labs handles no damages that has occured through transport. This is handled with the transport company direct.
Any return delivery needs to be delivered straight to Degauss Labs address below, not to a delivery point. If needed to be picked up a charge for this manual service may apply.