Twelve Drivers

This is the most detailed Degauss Earphone we ever built. Discover the details and clarity of 12 balanced drivers. An achievement in audio precision, perfectly balanced.


Bluetooth Earphones refined. Discover VICE an ambition on a grand scale. Beautifully crafted and a perfect balance of sophistication, functionality and technology. Our Bluetooth Earphones are handmade and holds the sound that embodies the Degauss Labs spirit.


If the striking sight of the handmade Degauss Labs HOWL doesn´t already leave you speechless, the sound itself will take your breath away. Our Triple Balanced Hybrid Earphones HOWL crafted from the inside and out.


If you, like us are in the search for a sound experience beyond what your earphones can deliver today our Noir earphones might just be what you are after. We want you to be smiling. We just added 30% more power!

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