There’s a reason most cheap in-ear headphones sound the way they do: They only use one driver in each ear. The Degauss Labs Noir use dual drivers in each ear bud and taking this practice one step further it also implements Hybrid technology. That means we combine the proven 10mm dynamic driver units with a cutting-edge full-range balanced armature.

Our aim was to create an in-ear listening experience that just blows your mind. First, to the Noir´s we added more punch and power than in any other earphone we have. Secondly the soundstage is set to be: powerful, agile, exciting and precise, with a spacious delivery that allows details all the way up the frequency range.

What is a Hybrid Earphone?

Hybrid Earphones is a tremendous step up from conventional earbud options. Hybrid driver system features Dynamic drivers for rich bass with low distortion and Balanced Armature technology for broad frequency response with notable vocal clarity. So if you want to step up from conventional earbuds start listen to your favorite tunes in brilliant clarity with Hybrid earphones.

What's in the box?

Tips from Comply™
Extra Ear Tips
Dual Adapter
Airplane Adapter
Carrying pouch
Replacement mesh
3 Button Mic

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