MMCX Connectors
12 BALANCED Drivers
EXTREME Precision

The most detailed Degauss Earphone ever built


This is the most detailed Degauss Earphone we ever built. Discover the details and clarity of 12 balanced drivers. An achievement in audio precision, perfectly balanced. Where the live act meets the refined audio.. The soundstage is set to deliver powerful lows, articulate mid-range, and sparkling crystal-clear highs. Still its compact ergonomic design is comfortable, and can be worn for hours. This is Twelve Drivers, The Super Earphone, Supercharged.


As well as providing a comfortable and secure fit, Twelve Drivers provides an over-the-ear cable design that reduces cable-borne interference (known as microphonics) that occurs with most conventional headphones. Fewer bumps on the cable as you walk let you enjoy music, not noise. Twelve Drivers has a high durable and tangle-resistant cable with gold plated headphone jack assures high fidelity reproduction with minimal noise.


With 12 balanced drivers Twelve Drivers has a full-bandwidth reproduction optimized for higher definition audio formats. Hear the most minute detail and a sense of dimensionality you never knew existed in your favorite music with 6 balanced earphones in each ear, a massive 12 balanced drivers in total.

Balanced Armature

Our drivers are so small that we can place more units in an earphone for true premium sound, keeping size small. Additionally, since the balanced armature drivers may be tuned to a specific frequency, sound can be made superior, since multiple drivers may be used.

MMCX Connector

Micro-miniature coaxial connectors or MMCX are coaxial RF connectors made to make the cable connectors snap on to the earphones. These MMCX connectors have a rigid snap mechanism that allows a 360-degree rotation. Great impedance and broadband capabilities, perfect for high end earphones.

Tuned for High Res

High-definition audio or HD audio, is a term used by some music services to exemplify really good quality music recordings. It generally refers to audio with higher than 44.1 kHz sample rate and/or higher than 16-bit linear bit depth.

What's in the box?

12 Balanced Drivers
Extra Silicon Tips
MMCX Modular Standard
Bonus Audio Cable
Carrying Pouch
Extra Foam Tips
3 Button Mic with Cable

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